See How We’re Engineering Change

Diarrhea is one of the top ten causes of hospital admissions and deaths in Malawi, and is caused largely by low access to clean water.

International development has been largely focused on implementation projects and technical innovations. Without service in place to support these projects, social development is not sustainable.

By complementing innovation with collaboration, EWB’s Water and Sanitation Venture team developed sustainable practices to ensure continued access to safe drinking water in Malawi. The team initiated stakeholder coordination by creating a committee responsible for regulating and maintaining resources. The formed committee was able to perform over 60 water repairs and collect 200 kwachas for maintenance activities.

EWB’s Water and Sanitation  Venture has bettered and saved thousands of lives by complementing innovation with collaboration to ensure long-lasting change.

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Failing Forward

Failure is a catalyst for innovation that takes our work from good to great.

At EWB, we admit failure and fail forward. Failing forward means owning and learning from our mistakes. Admitting failure encourages new levels of transparency, collaboration and innovation, which gives us the opportunity to truly make an impact on social development.

See how EWB’s David Damberger owned his oversights to unlock potential in developing countries:

Each year, EWB publishes a Failure Report with strong reflections on misaligned expectations, misplaced intentions, and incorrect assumptions. See what we learned and overcame in 2013 in the most recent Failure Report.