Announcing Our New CEO

We’re excited to announce that after an extensive and international search process, the Board of Directors has appointed Boris Martin as EWB’s new CEO. His first day as CEO will be August 15, 2014.

Boris’ appointment comes as part of a leadership transition that began this past January when we announced that George Roter, EWB’s co-founder, was stepping out of the CEO role later in 2014.

On Friday, July 25 at 3:00 p.m. EDT there will be a teleconference Q&A with Boris and Shayne Smith, Chair of Board of Directors, to talk about Boris’ appointment. Call 1-800-511-7985 toll free (Code 2302804) to access this Q&A. You can also ask questions online via live chat until 5:30 p.m. EDT. Or, you can email questions to

Read more about Boris and check out his response to his new role as CEO.

Please join us in congratulating Boris in becoming the next CEO of EWB!

Venture Spotlight: Rent-to-Own (RtO)


Earlier in 2014, EWB Calgary made an endeavour to help mico-entrepreneurs build assets and their businesses in Africa. How did we do this? By contributing $6,000 to Rent-to-Own (RtO) in Zambia.

What is Rent-to-Own? Rent-to-Own is an EWB venture that launched in Zambia in 2009. It’s a social business that provides productive assets (such as irrigation pumps and refrigerators) to micro-entrepreneurs in Zambia. By providing access to affordable and appropriate equipment for key business ventures such as farming and food production, RtO catalyzes business growth.

In addition to providing assets, the venture helps clients select equipment, provides low-cost distribution, and tailored financing and training services. By taking a holistic approach to micro-entrepreneurship, EWB helps each client walk away with the assets, knowledge and skills needed to grow their business over the long-term.
CaptureThanks to EWB’s Rent-to-Own venture, entrepreneurs can realize their business potential to help develop and create advantage in their communities.

Want to learn about micro-entrepreneurship in Africa? Check out the Rent-to-Own site.